For the Love of Scrubs Birmingham C.I.C. formed in March 2020 as a direct response to the covid-19 pandemic.


It became apparent quite quickly that our keyworkers of Birmingham were feeling the negative impact of the lack of protective uniform and equipment within the Hospitals, GPs and care homes of which they worked. 


In the beginning approx 60 volunteers from around the West Midlands all combined their efforts to respond to the “Cry for help” requests we were receiving for uniform via our Facebook Group. Fast forward to today, and our group now holds over 750 volunteers/members who, just like myself, want to help by ‘stitching for our NHS’. 

We jumped into action and began sewing Scrubs, Scrub/uniform bags and headbands to meet requests. Later, also adding face coverings to the list, all donated for free and with love! 

♥  We take direct requests from keyworkers in need 

♥  We proactively contact care homes, NHS hospitals and GPs to offer our services should there be a need 

We have partnered up with a number of ASDA Superstores, Brewers Decorating Centre, and the Charity BVSC in a bid to offer a streamlined service. 

We also work with NHS Trust Charities that are willing to accept donations.

Our community of angels have achieved amazing things! Working together we have created over 8,500 items that have been stitched and donated to key workers (Correct as of June 2020) across Birmingham and wider. 

A donation as little as £5 would supply a set of scrubs to a keyworker in need. 

Click the button below to be directed to our Go Fund Me Page 


1. NEW requests from key workers are taken via the CONTACT FORM on our site or via e-mail to REQUESTS@FTLOSBirmingham.co.uk

Click here to be directed to the list of What we offer

2. Our fabulous group angels whom have requested packs are sent pre-cut items to stitch that are made up and distributed from our local HUB

3. Completed items are returned via our weekly collections process to our HUB, repacked and assigned to key workers whom have requested items of support

4. Completed items are then sent to their final homes courtesy of our delivery angels who will safely deliver items by hand to our hospitals, GPs, and care home staff.

Join our community of sewing angels

As our FTLOS Birmingham ‘Sewciety’ is forever growing, we welcome new members to join our wonderful Cause. Our youngest angel is 11 and most senior 96.

Our group aim to support both key workers and YOU as you dedicate your time to stitch.

Along-side all of our makes we embark on a number of sewing projects aimed at helping our wider community as well as ourselves through home makes. Use the section at the bottom of this page to say hello to us and to ask any questions you may have before you join our fleet of angels!


I’m Chanel, a 30 years old mother of three beautiful angels living in Birmingham. 

Just like many of you, I too found myself in lockdown having to repurpose my time, so I set up the Birmingham group in a bid to localise all volunteers, within the West Midlands, area who wanted to stay at home, save lives and STITCH for our NHS!

As a fashion model with a very creative artistic eye, I found running a project involving home makes an easy choice.

Through funding I have been able to grow our group by introducing our ’Sewciety’ where different makes are crafted to help even MORE members of our community.

Setting up and running this wonderful project in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been an honour and I vow to facilitate this for as long as people require our support.

Chanel x


If you want to find out more about For the Love of Scrubs Birmingham and how we can work together or you simply want to say hello, then drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Share Your Experience!

We love to hear from the people that we help! If you are one of them please tell us about how our cause has made a difference. Send us a message and share your story with us.

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