Our groups purpose is to Support our key workers whilst they support others through the pandemic. Scrub sets are a key workers basic uniform. In reality, any one clinician may be required to change their scrubs up to 5 times per shift, if not more given the change I current times. Where we can support with the gifting of scrubs to help alleviate such pressures we will. 

We offer to keyworkers the following items: 

 ♥ Scrub sets (Top and trousers) Size Small through to x2 XL (Smaller and larger sizes available upon request) 

♥ Scrub/Uniform bags 

♥ Headbands (with button fastenings) 

♥ Face Coverings (Washable with 4 layers) 

The use of our face coverings are not intended to be used whilst working within any medical setting (they are not medical grade masks and should not be treated in the same way). Our face coverings are fit for the purpose of use whilst travelling to and from work as well as shopping, in-line with the government’s recent changes to face coverings in public spaces. *

We have set up a FTLOS Birmingham Etsy shop where a select amount of items can be purchased by any member of the community including face coverings. All money raised by the shop will go back into our C.I.C towards materials needed to keep our initiative going. 


Our items are crafted with love by volunteers who wish to help key workers. Our group also recognizes that the angels of our group have found a new purpose and hobby throughout the pandemic via our platform. FTLOS Birmingham therefore also support volunteers by providing the main materials required to craft items in the form of fabric packs with pre-cut items to sew.

FTLOS Birmingham also run a number of Community projects in a bid to keep Birmingham sewing. These projects vary however have the community and their needs in mind. 

This year we hope to set up a number of sewing classes for the public to be able to attend. Here we will introduce the art of teaching and upskilling individuals that are interested.

To date our group have helped over 100 settings including West Midlands Police, Birmingham Community Health Care trust, Birmingham & Sandwell CCG, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a number of care homes and GP surgeries.


If you want to find out more about For the Love of Scrubs Birmingham and how we can work together or you simply want to say hello, then drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.

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